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How it works

Connect and Sync Your Data

It's Easy and It's Fast. No Need To Involve a Technical Team


Connect directly to Shopify using a prebuilt connection tool. All you need is your Shopify URL and secret key. Enter and click Sync. 

If you don't have Shopify, the easy excel drag and drop can do the job for you. 

Configure Your Site To Work as You Sell

Create workflows, set notifications and make your site your own.

Walk through a site configuration to set all the rules you want your buyers to follow.  If you have a minimum order, need a notification if someone adds a comment or sets a discount or want to show or want to set permissions, it can be done by walking through a simple set up dashboard. 


Create Your Digital Catalog & Brand Your Site

Through Existing Templates Create a Beautiful Digital Catalog that will wow Your buyers


Once data and product images are synced, build your digital custom catalog using the data already in the system. No need for designer skills- just drag and drop. 

Create a branded landing page to drive ordering of specific catalogs and assortments 

Invite Your Buyers and Watch B2B Orders Fly In


This is where the good stuff happens. B2B buyers can log in once YOU approve them and order directly by flipping through the digital catalog or by searching the product in a standard e-commerce page. 

Orders and inventory properly manage and are synced directly into Shopify every 30 minutes or can be managed through excel. Your retailers are thrilled with you and you're selling more products with the click of a button. 

In other words, you're killing it.

We are your Partner.

RepSpark was founded with the intention to serve and help brands of all sizes hit their goals. We want to support you as we come out of this time of disruption. 

Built by Apparel, Footwear & Accessories Manufacturers Like You

We understand the uncertainty that exists right now and this current climate has been the most challenging. Since our company was built to support the apparel industry, we are here to continue serving you during this time. 

Let's work together to facilitate 24/7 Collaboration

As easy as it is to freeze in the midst of the pandemic, now is the time to invest in opportunities for your brands future. We believe our industry can rise above these challenges when we work together.

Following Our Heritage, Supporting Our Industry

Repspark was founded to serve and help brands of all sizes hit their goals. In this time of disruption, we want to support you by offering a free 4-month trial of our Accelerate Software.


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