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Success Story


Johnnie-O is a leading golf apparel brand for men & boys sold through independent golf pro-shops and large national chains. Johnnie-O's golf apparel is often customized with country club, corporate, or event embroidery. Branded corporate apparel is one of the channels driving sales growth.

  • ERP: Full Circle
  • Years with RepSpark: 4
  • Previous Provider: Joor
"I don't know how we would operate without RepSpark. They allowed us to scale & grow extremely fast." -Katie Daly-Benjamin, Coo Johnnie-O

Challenges prior to RepSpark

The fulfillment of embroidered product orders was inefficient & required significant customer service resources. Orders required 2-3 touches before fulfillment, were riddled with errors, and always had to be hand keyed into 2 different systems. Growth was limited by this disorganized and costly process.
Sales reps lacked inventory visibility from the field and would have to call in to access inventory status. This lack of transparency lead to erroneous orders on inaccurate inventory, frustrated retailers, and limited growth.

How johnnie-O used RepSpark to streamline embroidery, drive sales growth, & reduce customer service costs

RepSpark’s digital platform brings the product customization process online & streamlines fulfillment, reduces costs and makes the business scalable.
Sales reps & buyers now have the ability to add embroidery directly at the point of order entry, setting off 2 workflows simultaneously to the embroidery provider and johnnie-O. This new streamlined process allows B2B buyers and sales reps to self-serve resulting in decreased costs & increased scalability.
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How RepSpark allowed johnnie-O to execute a more sophisticated sales strategy

The platform allowed johnnie-O to develop a 2 pronged approach to serving retailers. Realizing that their sales force was limited in the number of accounts they could visit in a day, they utilized their sales reps to serve larger more complex accounts while at the same time using RepSpark’s B2B platform to serve the smaller, independent retailers and pro-shops.
With both sales reps & independent retailers utilizing one simple platform, johnnie-O was able to give both reps & buyers the digital marketing and reporting tools they needed to succeed as well as the visibility into inventory that they demanded.

"We needed a tool that allowed everyone to have visibility so they could be more effective"




Sales Growth Achieved with RepSpark

"Retailers are loving the self service and ease of the platform. They are ordering bigger amounts and more often!"

+102% B2B Retailer Count Ordering Online (2017-2019)

+8x% Total # of orders through RepSpark (2015-2019)
+733% Average B2B Order Value: $200 - $2,500+

+400% Units thru system (2015-2019)
+258% Year over Year B2B Retailer $ Through System (2017-2019)

+500% Total Orders on Embroidered Products (2015-2019)