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Success Story


Roark Revival offers customers curated clothing, luggage, and trinkets in only 2 seasons each year. Designs are inspired by Roark’s international travels and adventure seeking. Roark Revival has won SIMA’s “Men’s Marketing Campaign of the Year” 4 times, and was named “Breakout Brand of the Year” in 2015. Roark Revival is sold in North America, the EU and Japan in core action sports stores, outdoor retailers and menswear retail locations.

  • ERP: Full Circle
  • Years with RepSpark: 1
  • Previous Provider: Hubspot
“I have used other platforms at past brands, and RepSpark runs much smoother. Simplicity is key.” – Cotter Tillemans, Roark Sales Manager

Challenge Roark was facing prior to RepSpark

“We were looking for a solid platform that could relieve some tasks from internal employees while growing the business.” 
  1. Very seasonal business with tight inventory that required accuracy during order entry process to ensure product was available to ship.
  2. Needed to accommodate for core carry-over products that move season to season while being able to also feature new fashion product.

How RepSpark created efficiencies that drove sales for Roark

“Reps are now fully functional with our platform structured to our needs.” 
  1. Improved reporting that allows reps to easily track packages, view historical reports for accounts when coming in for their at-once reorders, better monitor and keep tabs on POP and credit status of each customer, and sales performance reporting such as shipped to plan and variance by actual day.
  2. Simplified the sales order entry process to allow reps to place orders against real time inventory.
  3. Reduced Customer Service time spent on facilitating pre-book fulfillment, instead allowing sales reps to manage the process end to end using RepSpark.
  4. Reps are able to view products in catalogs that contain both fashion forward and core/carry-over products with the proper inventory.

“I am able to focus my efforts towards the business rather than managing rep order placement. This has lifted a weight off my shoulders."


- Cotter Tillemans, Roark Sales Manager