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How to Create the Ultimate Digital Trade Show Experience for Retailers

We’ve broken down the details of the importance of differentiation, how to prep for the upcoming trade shows, and the steps to take to create a frictionless buying experience for your retailers.

The trade shows are among us and it’s that time of year when we are busy prepping and gearing up for our line debut. However, this year is looking a bit different than most. While in the past you may be packing up samples and booking flights, this year it’s all about planning a new experience of selling remotely. 

While the form of selling may be changing, the questions you ask yourself to craft the right strategy will be the same:

  • How can I optimize my current retailers' assortment?
  • What must we do to differentiate ourselves from the competition?
  • How can I make doing business with us as easy as possible?
To get you ready for a successful selling season, we’ve broken down the details of the importance of differentiation, how to prep for the upcoming trade shows, and the steps to take to create a frictionless buying experience for your retailers.

Differentiate your brand from majority

Put yourself in your retailer’s shoes. Imagine them navigating the new set up of the trade shows. Like you, it’s a new concept to grasp. Not only that, they are also more cautious about spending and creating an optimal buy to make up for lost revenue. You could imagine they will gravitate towards the brands who make their life easier in the midst of same uncertainties. So how can you offer this competitive advantage and differentiation? Here are a few best practices:

  • Express empathy. It’s a weird time for everyone, be a guide for your retailers as they navigate digital buying with clear communication and availability.
  • Make it easy. Make sure your images and video are all high-resolution. Do you have unique product features? Showcase it and eliminate surprises.
  • Anticipate their appointments with custom assortment and catalogs that are the perfect fit for them. Put icing on the cake by creating an email campaign to build up the hype and excitement for the line debut. 

Trade Show Preparations

In a time when every brand is walking into the digital area, how do you create an experience for your customers that stands out from the rest? Simple - be prepared.

  • Analyze reports of previous bookings and best sellers. Know confidently for your main accounts of what did and didn’t sell.
  • Keep focusing on the same questions that you did in previous years.
    • What areas do we need to focus on for specific retailers?
    • What are selling features to highlight?
    • Am I accounting for new trends and offering a product assortment that will be a win for my retailers
    **Just because the form of selling is going to be unique, doesn’t mean we need to forget smart selling tactics. Reflect on what you were doing this time last year, and be sure to bring the same quality content. 
  • Create a custom assortment for your retailers which reflects their analytical findings. Avoid presenting assortments that didn’t sell for them. Right now they need strategic partners who are looking out for their best interests and how to move their inventory. Instead, highlight the products you know will be volume drivers and put that front and center.
  • Offer a digital selling tool that allows your buyer the flexibility to browse product details and flip through a digital catalog. Let’s be real - gone are the days of paper and we are not facing a down quarter, but a new way of doing business. If a retailer is working from afar, you no longer have the luxury of working side by side with paper cut-outs to optimize the buy. Work ahead and work smarter so your retailers don’t need to work harder.  

During this time you can anticipate that many brands will be scurrying to get ready for their sell-ins with this new change in the retail ecosystem. However, you have an insider scoop on an advantage. With RepSpark, we offer not only the Custom Digital Catalogs and Virtual Showroom features, but we also offer Reporting Analytics and Customize Assortments so you can be prepared for all your major accounts and create an experience that stands out and wins your brand a large buy. 

“So great "seeing" you guys yesterday and the line! Also, after a few appointments today, I wanna reiterate that the platform you guys set up is GENIUS! Really made everything SO easy!" -Christine at Revolve 

The 5 Steps to Frictionless Buying

1. Schedule a Demo

It’s not a one-size fits all solution. We take a look at your brand and goals to configure an optimized platform to help you not only sell now, but also scale for the future.

2. Create your Custom Digital Catalog

FlexibleCatalogs_Repspark-1Bring your products to life digitally. Mimic the in-person experience with RepSpark’s interactive, flippable, clickable Digital Catalog. Digitally mark up the catalog with notes, favorites, and ratings or directly place orders.

3. Develop Your Virtual Showroom


The truly interactive approach to Virtual Showrooms. Present your new collections through the shoppable, interactive Virtual showroom.  Combine video with curated product collections to provide a truly dynamic buying experience.

4. Create Visual Presentations


Work closely with your buyers, even while apart.  Remotely present your line to buyers with custom curated catalogs and videos to highlight your products.  Walk buyers through virtual line showings to create a visual merchandise board of each delivery and showcase assortments.

5. Allow buyers to add your presentation directly in their cart

BuyerActions_RSMake shopping easy and fun for your buyers. Once they’ve fallen in love with their customized assortment, they can easily purchase their items directly from the Digital Catalog.

Get started on differentiating yourself from the competition by offering a frictionless shopping experience for your buyers this and every upcoming trade show season by scheduling a demo today!

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RepSpark is a B2B eCommerce Platform allowing sales reps and brands to better serve their retailers.

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