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Integrate Your B2B Site Data from RepSpark with GA4

1 min read
Aug 18, 2023 7:57:16 AM

We're thrilled to announce you can get even better insights for your B2B site on RepSpark! RepSpark users can connect their site to their Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account, where enhanced data insights meets intuitive B2B eCommerce.

With this connection, your Digital Marketing and Wholesale Team can harness the capabilities of GA4 right within RepSpark, streamlining analytics and improving data-driven decision-making for more precise and accurate buys. By integrating with Google Analytics, your team can view the volume of traffic to your brand page from different traffic sources which can be configured to show helpful data like Catalog and Assortment views. This is a free service available to all RepSpark subscribers, but it requires a separate account with Google. If you are having trouble or need help with set up in your Analytics account, we recommend reaching out to your Digital Marketing team or Google Support.

Get ready to unlock more insights, fine-tune your strategies, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue. Here’s how you can connect your B2B Site on RepSpark to your Google Analytics Account.



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