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RepSpark provides Accelerate for Exhibitors for Virtual Events

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Jan 19, 2021 12:00:00 AM

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[Irvine, CA]: RepSpark is offering exhibitors attending virtual events a free trial of Accelerate, a virtual platform for exhibitors to collaborate with buyers throughout the wholesale process.

For a free-trial of Accelerate sign up at: https://accelerate.repspark.com/free-trial-2021

“We are so delighted to provide an opportunity to experience Accelerate to exhibitors of virtual events. COVID has impacted the way people interact, and many brands need to rethink their processes to ensure their collections are in front of buyers in a safe and sustainable way. Virtual showrooms and digital catalogs can be a real-time tool to showcase your brand without compromise.” says Meghann Butcher, President of RepSpark.

Accelerate is a platform to create and deliver unique selling assortments and present digital catalogs, helping make the sales process transparent and easy. Accelerate also allows brands to sync their data from Shopify or Excel sheets to populate their products seamlessly and create beautiful catalogs instantly.

For more information visit: https://accelerate.repspark.com

About RepSpark: RepSpark is a leading B2B eCommerce platform allowing sales teams and brands to present their line. Providing Digital Catalogs, Virtual Showrooms as well as real-time inventory updates, RepSpark empowers brands to serve more accounts in less time.

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