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RepSpark System Unveils a Retailer Dashboard to Enhance B2B eCommerce Experience for Buyers

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Jun 1, 2023 10:16:39 AM

[Anaheim, CA - June 1, 2023] - With a mission to always serve their customers, RepSpark Systems is excited to release its first product feature built explicitly for buyers - a Retailer Dashboard. This new retailer-requested tool will allow buyers to see a holistic view of their brands, orders, and analytics without needing to drill into each brand. 

The key benefits of the Retailer Dashboard Include the following:

  • Brand Visibility - Retailers can view the brands they shop for and those pending access to stock their product. There is also a section of Recommended Brands based on the product categories they currently shop to discover, connect and shop new products. 
    • For brands that are pending access, retailers can Send Reminders that they are still interested in restocking their products.
  • Order History - Retailers can view, search and filter all their orders placed with brands on RepSpark for easy reference without needing to drill into each brand.

"It’s always about serving our customers. Whether it’s our brands or retailers, RepSpark has been committed to doing whatever it takes ease business transactions for everyone. The moment the Retailer Dashboard request came in, it was an immediate ‘Yes’ for our team,” said Meghann Butcher, CEO and Founder of RepSpark. "We are looking forward to the evolution of this dashboard and how it can support business growth.”

The released features are part of phase one of this product, with additional tools already being developed to support retailers and expected to be released in 2023. Other new features will include Retail Reports to showcase the top-selling colors and product categories so buyers can make smart buying decisions for their store. With comprehensive metrics and visualizations, retailers can optimize their strategies and uncover growth opportunities.

RepSpark has a proven track record of delivering industry-leading solutions to a wide range of B2B clients. With this latest feature, the company solidifies its position as an innovator in the eCommerce software space. Further, it expands the company's suite of tools, empowering businesses to thrive in today's digital marketplace.

To shop all your favorite brands on RepSpark, retailers can claim their forever-free account on RepSpark Community and begin using the new dashboard today. Simply visit app.repspark.com to create your account.

If you would love for your retailers to enjoy this level of visibility and ease when planning their business, get a free product tour at repspark.com/schedule-a-demo. 

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