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Is Your CRM Tool Boosting Your Wholesale Company’s Growth?

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Sep 15, 2021 12:00:00 AM

The key to positive growth in any company: Increasing productivity and efficiency. What does this mean for companies in your industry?

Ask yourself, how long does your team spend sending emails before an order is placed? How often do you get lost in back-and-forth line sheets and Excel spreadsheets with clients?

The answer to your problems lies in going digital. A specialized Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool can help you track and automate your everyday tasks, so your team can focus on providing the best ­experience for your customers.

Adobe recently completed a survey and found that companies that aggressively integrate digital technology to speak with customers are 131% more likely to exceed their business goals!

In comes RepSpark’s Customer Communication Hub. It allows brands to document and manage communication between management, sales reps, customer service, and retail accounts seamlessly.

customer communications hub ipad-1

Here’s a breakdown of what our Customer Communication Hub tool can do to streamline processes, and keep your staff and your retailers happy:


Track service communication with retailers, eliminating email diving.

Retain_Key_Account Branded_Email Top_Down_View_Customer
Retain and retrieve key
account information 
Create branded email templates for sales rep communication  See customer activity history,
contacts and communications
Track_Email Dashboard  
Track email analytics:
Sent, Open, Clicked, Ordered
Access activity notifications,
tasks, and campaign dashboard


Streamline task management.

Create_Route_Task Create_Task Track_Email_Schedule Add_Event
Create and route
tasks to the proper individual
Create tasks and automatically email task assigns through email Schedule and generate follow up tasks or reminders  Add events and notes
to accounts and contacts


Not all CRM tools are created equal. If you feel like your current CRM tool is slowing down productivity and costing you a good relationship with your customers, it might be time for an update. Learn more about RepSpark’s Customer Communication Hub and schedule a demo today.

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