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Uswing Eyewear: High-Tech Golf Eyewear Finds Partner in RepSpark

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Jan 22, 2024 8:11:15 AM

[Zhuhai, Guangdong, China and Anaheim, CA - January 22, 2024] – Asia's renowned high-end eyewear brand, Uswing Eyewear, is taking its swing into North America, and they're doing it in style! Uswing is the eyewear brand for golfers, boasting a star-studded lineup of fans, including Rose Zhang, and C.T. Pan as endorsed athletes and golf legend Phil Mickelson as an organic advocate for the brand. With a focus on providing eyewear tailored for golfers and expanding their North American business, Uswing has chosen RepSpark Systems as their strategic partner.

 Uswing Eyewear's Golf Legacy:

Uswing Eyewear is synonymous with high-end eyewear tailored for golfers. The brand has gained a prominent following, with notable golfing icons such as Rose Zhang, and C.T. Pan, and endorsing their eyewear. Uswing Eyewear is setting its sights on North America, driven by the goal of providing golf enthusiasts with the perfect eyewear for their game.

Uswing (www.uswingeyewear.com) was founded by visionary entrepreneur Warren Fong and his personal quest to find the perfect golf sunglasses. Frustrated by the lack of options available on the market, Fong set out on a mission to develop glasses that addressed the specific visual challenges faced by golfers, such as parallaxes and accurate perception of green patterns and slopes.

With a team of experts from optics, optometry, physics, chemistry, and ergonomics, Fong dedicated nearly a decade to research and development, ultimately crafting the world's first professional golf sunglasses. Uswing's innovative eyewear is fashionable, lightweight and features state-of-the-art lens technology, allowing users to the course with unmatched clarity. 

“As an emerging business here in the U.S., RepSpark is helping USwing eyewear not only scale, but reach new audiences through its vibrant golf community,” said Uswing founder Warren Fong. “We see this relationship as a critical part of building out our sales infrastructure headed into the 2024 golf season.”

Why Uswing Eyewear Chose RepSpark:

Uswing Eyewear's decision to join forces with RepSpark Systems is rooted in the company's industry leadership. RepSpark is renowned for its excellence in supporting brands in the sports and eyewear sectors with customers including Kaenon, Salt Optics, and more. This partnership aligns perfectly with Uswing Eyewear's commitment to quality and innovation, allowing them to expand their presence in North America.

Alex Anderson, VP of Sales at RepSpark Systems, commented, "Our expanding presence in eyewear and golf is a testament to our commitment to helping brands like Uswing Eyewear achieve their goals. We are thrilled to welcome USwing into our family of clients and look forward to driving their success in North America."

To shop Uswing Eyewear on RepSpark, retailers can claim their forever-free account on RepSpark Community and request access to their brand via app.RepSpark.com/Uswing

About Uswing Eyewear:

Uswing is a leading golf accessory company based in China, specializing in the development of professional golf sunglasses. Founded by Warren Fong, Uswing has dedicated years of research and development to create eyewear that enhances golfers' visual performance on the course. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and collaborating with industry experts, Uswing is revolutionizing the way golfers protect their eyes and excel in the game.


About RepSpark Systems:

RepSpark is the leading provider of digital solutions for B2B wholesale commerce. Designed to be personalized, intuitive, and powerfully intelligent, RepSpark’s platform drives brands to connect and collaborate with their buyers to place orders, create digital line sheets and analyze key data 24/7. RepSpark brands leverage technology to drive sales growth and better serve their retailers. Founded in 2007, RepSpark is headquartered in Anaheim, CA. To join RepSpark Community, create an account at app.repspark.com, and for more information, visit www.repspark.com.



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