How L*Space Achieved 214% B2B Pre-Book Order Growth YOY using Full Circle and RepSpark

L*SPACE is a sunkissed Californian lifestyle brand that believes the perfect fit is everything.



L*Space was looking for a more streamlined process for buyers to place at-once orders and pre-book orders.

  • Late in 2021, L*Space enabled the option for select buyers to process their own prebooks.
  • With the changes, L*Space wanted to set up alerts in their system for corresponding sales reps to be notified when buyers submitted pre-book orders so that they could review, approve and look for opportunities to ensure the perfect product assortment for buyers.
  • This would allow the sales team to continue to drive pre-booking and enable buyers to shop, especially when onsite visits were difficult.

  • Using the Full Circle ERP capabilities, sales reps were notified with the correct pre-book order information allowing them to guide the buyers to an optimal assortment.
  • Added the capability for buyers to place prebook orders coupled with alerts to the team to finalize the sale with the best assortment
  • B2B pre-book orders grew over 214% YOY with the average order value increasing to 28%.

Why L*Space Chose RepSpark's B2B platform

As a growing brand with new territories, buyers, and product lines, L*Space wanted to meet its growth demands and at the same time protect its brand image by ensuring its retailers had a proper representation of their collections. By going digital and relying on the data provided, they have scaled and met the demands of their growing business.


By going fully digital with RepSpark, sales reps are able to manage the entire wholesale process from start to finish using the proper marketing tools to showcase their collection and manage their product with correct information. From high res images to integrated video and product information that was up-to-date, L*Space wanted a simple software that was easy to use and did it all. 



  1. ​​L*Space enabled specific buyers to process their own pre-books and once orders were placed, corresponding sales reps were notified.
  2. Reps would review pre-books, look for opportunities to provide the perfect assortment and use the Merchandise Board to visually showcase the products.
  3. B2B pre-book orders grew over 214% YOY with the average order value increasing to 28%.


As of today, L*Space has transitioned to be completely digital with its catalog and has elevated their overall digital presentation of products using the following features:

  • Integrated videos of models wearing each suit so buyers can see each product's fit, look, and feel.
  • Established multiple catalogs and product assortments for different territories.
  • Created Virtual Showrooms for their basics as well as for different color stories so buyers can understand the entire product mix with a growing line

Going forward, L*Space is expanding its reach to new buyers and territories with the confidence of knowing they have the B2B commerce in place to scale their business.


“​The growth L*Space has experienced would not have been possible without RepSpark..."

...Not only have we been able to streamline our process as we scale, but we’ve been able to elevate the overall presentation of our line to buyers and make it easy for retailers to do business with us."

Debbie Martin

National Sales & Retail Marketing Manager for L*Space