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How RepSpark Microsites Make OluKai's Events More Profitable

RepSpark Microsites provide co-branded, curated landing pages for OluKai's partnered events that streamline what was a complicated process, reduce the manpower needed at onsite events, and drives event profitability.

Quick Results

Streamlined Events

Make the Process Simple & Affordable

Through the use of Microsites, Olukai’s clients don't end up with excess inventory.

Cost Reductions

Through Logistic Improvements

Clients no longer have to staff events with people dedicated to unboxing inventory. 

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The Results OluKai Saw

  • OluKai has more inbound than its event team can handle

  • Microsites have provided OluKai with a more affordable, and streamlined method of supplying product for partnered events

  • Previous logistical nightmares have been eliminated 

The main component of RepSpark’s platform that OluKai has leveraged has been Microsites. 

Microsites have provided co-branded, and curated, landing pages that its client’s customers can order products from. Through the use of Microsites, OluKai’s clients can offer the exact products they want, know the exact sizing that their customers need, and can eliminate the logistical nightmare that is shipping boxes filled with hundreds of shoes to an event (along with the staff necessary during the event to unbox everything). 

These days, Hillary Wiebe, Corporate Sales Specialist at OluKai, creates Microsites for events in less than an hour. Since using these Microsites, Wiebe has seen more and more of their corporate events start and end, with no problems arising.

“This year I kind of have a goal around Microsites specifically to double what we did last year,” said Wiebe. “Not necessarily double the amount of Microsites sold, but just the profit that’s running through them. I presented this goal to my manager and she asked ‘are you sure about that?’ And I said yeah, I actually think that’s attainable because we are getting so many requests, and we can turn them around so easily.” 

The Challenges OluKai Faced

Prior to working with RepSpark, OluKai did not have a true virtual option for ordering products for client events. 

Before implementing RepSpark’s platform into its operations, OluKai would send gift cards to clients for partnered events. Then the clients would share those gift cards with its attendees/customers, and then those customers would go to OluKai's consumer website to order goods. 

This method worked, but it lacked that personalization and custom experience that OluKai and its clients were looking for. 

RepSpark’s Microsites became the tool of choice for OluKai in order to address this need.

Leveraging RepSpark’s Microsites

Microsites provided a budget-conscious option for these partnered events. OluKai's clients got to choose the exact products they wanted to offer to its attendees in their Microsites and didn’t have to send them to OluKai's consumer website that offers the brand's full product line.  

Another benefit of using RepSpark’s Microsites was the reduction in excess inventory at events. OluKai's clients are able to send a link to its attendees that they can use to order from. 

This process has brought three main benefits: 

  • Both OluKai and its client know the exact amount of product they’ll need to supply for the event
  • The event attendees can have their shoes delivered to their homes before the event takes place, so no product needs to be held onsite during the event
  • Clients can personalize that shipment with a custom note to add another branded touchpoint for its customers

Prior to working with RepSpark, OluKai would ship hundreds of shoes to events as an estimate, based on attendance. But, this method presented its own list of issues: 

  • Whether they had correct sizing for the attendees was an unknown
  • The partnered clients would potentially need to pay to store the product near the event location
  • The clients would have to dedicate staff on site to unpack all the boxes containing shoes

“I’m a team of one working on these corporate events,” said Wiebe. “We were getting overwhelmed with the amount of inquiries and events people wanted to do, so we started working with a third-party gifting company to facilitate these events on our behalf because we didn’t have the resources on our end. But these events weren’t as profitable for us through these third parties, if we do it directly it’s way more profitable. Microsites have been a way for us to capture this business and keep the relationship [for these events] direct instead of having to push it out to one of our third parties.” 

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