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From Digital Line Presentation to Order Entry, work closely with your buyers, even while apart.

Remotely present your line to buyers with custom Digital Catalogs and Virtual Showroom videos.  Digitally walk buyers through each line with a visual merchandise board to display delivery or in-store arrangement. Help guide your buyer throughout the entire journey with insight into their product ratings and notes. Turn browsing into direct orders into your Shopify platform.


24/7 Order Entry

Orders are entered with traditional B2C type shopping, through flipping through a catalog or from working the line digitally with a buyer.  Orders are ensured to be valid against inventory and are sent directly into your Shopify site or exported as an excel.

Custom Catalogs and Assortments

Create stoppable catalogs that can be shared with individual buyers based on their history and notes. You can also include customization options for quicker transaction time.  


Virtual Line Presentations

Send a personalized Virtual Showroom directly to buyers and host a virtual interactive market walkthrough.

Merchandise Board Styling

Immediately visualize orders with RepSpark’s merchandise board. Enjoy the ease of automatically breaking out the product selections or manually distributing to multi-store boards for a visual layout of the buy. Once the items are finalized buyers can shop directly from the board



Collaborate with buyers to overlay looks within a merchandise board to truly visualize in store representation and finalize product curation.

Get Direct Feedback

The merchandising team can view analytics immediately after each presentation. The team will get digital feedback directly from the rep and buyer as they take notes and like products

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