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Personalization Meets Efficiency: Smith & Quinn's B2B Transformation with RepSpark

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Jan 23, 2024 8:13:25 AM

[Annapolis, MD, and Anaheim, CA - January 23, 2024] – Renowned for their diverse and sophisticated collection, which spans from everyday elegance to a show-stopping wedding party apparel line, Smith & Quinn is now joining forces with RepSpark Systems, a leader in B2B ecommerce technology. The union marks a pivotal moment in the fashion industry, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless elegance.

The Smith & Quinn Elegance:

Smith & Quinn has always been synonymous with elegance and individuality, curating a collection that speaks to the diverse tastes of their clientele. From chic everyday wear to the glamour of wedding parties, their clothing has adorned wardrobes with a touch of sophistication.

Danny Quinn, CEO of Smith & Quinn:

“We chose RepSpark as they have become the industry’s gold standard for order entry and management. It’s an incredible asset to both the sales representative and the buyer. The ease of site navigation and 24/7 access add to the overall user experience. We were persuaded to make the investment because 99% of our buyers already use RepSpark with other companies. The feedback about the ease of use of this platform from our buyers was the best testimonial you could ask for. Placing seasonal pre-book orders as well as daily special orders makes RepSpark a best-in-class favorite for reps and buyers alike,” said Danny Quinn, CEO of Smith & Quinn. “The added benefits of an embroidery interface, as well as targeted sales campaigns, are all pluses for our growing business. We look forward to seeing the positive impact RepSpark will have on Smith & Quinn.”

Why Smith & Quinn Chose RepSpark

The decision to collaborate with RepSpark Systems was driven by Smith & Quinn's commitment to delivering a personalized and efficient shopping experience. RepSpark's advanced technology and expertise in B2B solutions will empower Smith & Quinn to streamline their operations, enhance customer engagement, and elevate their brand presence. 

RepSpark’s Accelerate solution will allow Smith & Quinn to connect its wholesale products, inventory, and customers to its B2B digital storefront via its Shopify website. This integration will allow their sales team to better serve their buyers with selling features like shoppable Digital Catalogs, order management tools, and analytics to make smart buying decisions. RepSpark’s integration with Insignia will allow buyers to add customization options to select merchandise to further streamline the ordering process. Along with efficient buying capabilities, the everyday elegant apparel brand will also be able to expand its network to the 60,000 retailers and 7,000 golf shops that are actively engaged on the platform's marketplace, RepSpark Community

Champion Support within the Independent Sales Force:

The endorsement and support from key champions within Smith & Quinn's independent sales force played a pivotal role in the decision-making process. These champions recognized the value and potential of RepSpark Systems, advocating for its adoption within the organization. Their enthusiasm and belief in RepSpark's capabilities helped to secure internal buy-in and drive the decision over the line.

Fast-Growing Brand with a Great New Logo:

Smith & Quinn is not just a brand; it's a fast-growing phenomenon in the world of fashion. The inclusion of RepSpark Systems aligns seamlessly with the brand's trajectory, providing the technology and tools necessary to keep pace with the rapid growth. The synergy between a great new logo and RepSpark's innovative solutions promises to elevate Smith & Quinn's brand presence to new heights.

Expansion into a New Vertical with a Second "Wedding Line" Brand:

The addition of a second "wedding line" brand to Smith & Quinn's portfolio signifies a strategic move into a new vertical. RepSpark's ability to support and facilitate growth in different product lines and verticals makes it an ideal partner for Smith & Quinn's diversified offerings. The platform's flexibility and scalability will empower Smith & Quinn to manage and optimize their operations across multiple lines effectively, ensuring a seamless and efficient retail experience for their customers.

Alex Anderson, Director of Sales at RepSpark, shared, “'Smith & Quinn is a true trendsetter in the fashion world, and we are thrilled to be their chosen partner. RepSpark's technology will complement Smith & Quinn's commitment to offering a diverse and stylish collection for every occasion.'"

Smith & Quinn's choice of RepSpark Systems goes beyond just technology – it's a strategic partnership fueled by internal advocacy, brand alignment, and the platform's capacity to support its fast-growing and diverse business ventures. Together, Smith & Quinn and RepSpark Systems are poised to make waves in the fashion industry.

To shop Smith & Quinn on RepSpark, retailers can claim their forever-free account on RepSpark Community and request access to their brand via app.RepSpark.com/Smith&Quinn


About Smith & Quinn

Family run and Annapolis bred, Smith & Quinn is a Women’s and Men’s Sport & Lifestyle brand sold at specialty stores, golf clubs, and resorts across the country. We embrace a love of retro details with modern flair and are known for our signature collection of conversational in house prints.

S&Q prides ourselves on our impeccable quality, unique design aesthetic, and stylish functionality from course to court, work to play, or whatever adventures you get into.

Our Custom Print Program is one of the most unique wholesale offerings. We have created over 200+ custom prints for golf clubs, resorts, and specialty stores for one-of-kind collections that bring their brand to life. Visit Smith & Quinn to explore the exquisite collection.

For media inquiries or to schedule interviews, please contact: Info@smithandquinn.com


About RepSpark Systems:

RepSpark is the leading provider of digital solutions for B2B wholesale commerce. Designed to be personalized, intuitive, and powerfully intelligent, RepSpark’s platform drives brands to connect and collaborate with their buyers to place orders, create digital line sheets and analyze key data 24/7. RepSpark brands leverage technology to drive sales growth and better serve their retailers. Founded in 2007, RepSpark is headquartered in Anaheim, CA. To join RepSpark Community, create an account at app.repspark.com, and for more information, visit www.repspark.com. 


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