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Sales calendar    Oct 25, 2021

Disrupting the Uniform Apparel Industry with B2B Technology

With the Uniform Apparel Industry growing at a rapid rate, we explore the cause and how RepSpark's B2B technology can help brands be more efficient in their sales process, save money and help the planet.

Many still wake up every morning during the pandemic and put on a uniform to get the job done. This courageous group includes our military, medical personnel, public defenders, and so many more and these individuals are the driving force between the Uniform Apparel Industry. 

With a hyper-awareness of hygiene due to the COVID pandemic, the Uniform Apparel Industry is drastically growing in size and numbers. According to Research and Markets, the industry is estimated to experience a CAGR of 4.6% between 2020 and 2026. Not surprisingly, medical uniforms are leading the growth. According to Fortune Business Insights, the medical apparel industry stood at $86 billion USD in 2020 alone. This finding is expected as hospitals are going through a high volume of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) faster than average, with surgical capes and gowns leading the market’s steady growth. 

With all this demand, it’s vital for Uniform Apparel Brands to serve their buyers better and make sure everyone is adequately protected with the right gear using B2B technology that makes it easier, saves money, resources and helps the planet. 

How RepSpark’s B2B Technology Makes It Easier

Everyone appreciates tools that make their life easier and alleviate mundane tasks so they can think more strategically. With RepSpark’s B2B technology, brands can quickly bring their sales process online for buyers to review the Digital Catalog of their products and place orders directly against live inventory. But that’s not all - both reps and buyers can have their cake and eat it, too!

RepSpark’s B2B Technology gives reps the ability to:

  • Enjoy frictionless collaboration with buyers allowing reps to optimize their strategy and go to market faster
  • Share up to date catalogs that include the most recent product updates to avoid confusion and back and forth
  • Encourage incentives by applying discounts on large volume orders
  • Quickly analyze bookings reports to optimize the strategy for their buyers
  • Share new product updates immediately, so they don’t miss opportunities to sell more products 

The technology will also make your buyer’s life easier by giving the ability to:

  • Easily place orders 24/7 against available inventory
  • Reorder low inventory products quickly
  • Pay invoice and track orders immediately post-purchase
  • Favorite items that they want to purchase as they review your line 
  • Plan out their buy based on delivery dates for efficient ordering

How RepSpark’s B2B Technology saves your brand a lot. 

While ease is excellent, something to make the deal even sweeter is to save time and resources. 

Think of all the time spent on the back and forth with email communication and manual data entry of orders. It can all add up and waste time, opportunities, and employee genius. Instead of manually entering orders and emailing back and forth to coordinate product updates and inventory availability, reps can focus their energy on optimizing buying strategies, increasing their accounts, and expanding the business. 

In addition, print catalogs cost a fortune! And if you are selling a large number of products to many buyers, the numbers for print can quickly add up and heavily cut into your costs. Everything is online with a Digital Catalog, and if your design team makes an update, it will immediately be reflected in your Digital Catalog for buyers to see the change. A bonus time saver is also utilizing the Customer Communication Hub to notify your buyers of changes via a mass update and immediately measure response on the assortment. 

How RepSpark’s B2B Technology helps your brand save the environment.

On the same note of how costly print catalogs are to your pocket, it’s also costly for your brand’s reputation and the planet. According to the Environmental Paper Network, if you have a 100-page Print Catalog and 3,000 copies are made, the print job is really costing our environment:

  • About 30 trees 
  • 36.7M BTUs of energy - equivalent to the energy of 44 refrigerators
  • 28.4K pounds of CO2 - equivalent to the emissions of almost three cars
  • +34.8K gallons of water - equivalent to 35 loads of laundry 
  • 1.8K lbs of solid waste - equivalent to 407 people generating solid waste.

And while cutting back on paper helps the environment, customers are also demanding a change with the purchase decisions. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, 63% of consumers now consider a brand’s sustainability efforts before making purchase decisions. 

Why you should choose RepSpark for your Uniform Apparel Brands.

RepSpark’s B2B technology is custom-tailored to meet the goals of your brand. We work with your team individually to design a sales tool that will not only meet your needs today but where your brand will be in the future. With a Digital Merchandising tool, you are able to go to market faster and you no longer have to wait for the catalogs to be printed, inventory to be researched, and buyers to respond to your long chain of emails. With RepSpark, everything is on the platform for your reps to hit their numbers and grow your business.

When working the Uniform Apparel Brands, you can’t hesitate because lives are on the line. Replenishment of goods is in high demand, so make it easier for your buyers to do business with you by providing the right tool that makes the entire sales process simple.

Go digital and schedule a demo of our technology so you don’t miss another opportunity to serve your buyer and helps reps hit their number.

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Meghann Butcher is the President and Co-Founder of RepSpark.

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