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How to Deliver a Custom Experience for Retailers on RepSpark

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Aug 30, 2023 12:29:31 PM

On your morning commute, you walk into your local coffee shop and are embraced by the smells of roasting coffee beans and greeted by the barista by name. “The usual?” The barista says, and without hesitation, you pay for your coffee, and they throw in a donut to accompany your “usual” coffee order because you are a frequent flyer. 

Brick-and-mortar has long recognized the benefits of a personal experience and provides the comforts that online businesses cannot: taste, touch, fragrance, and a barista or salesperson who says, "Welcome back."

They want the same degree of convenience, quickness, and personalization that B2C customers have come to expect. According to McKinsey, Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. B2B retailers are no longer satisfied with a mediocre purchasing experience. 

Delivering a cookie-cutter experience just won't cut it anymore. Retailers deserve more than a run-of-the-mill interaction; they deserve a custom-tailored journey that resonates with their own wants and needs. With today’s tools and technology, a custom experience is no longer just for brick-and-mortar.  With RepSpark, you can tailor every stage of the customer journey, from the first visit to post-checkout. Continue reading to learn the strategies and tools to provide a custom experience and keep your retailer coming back for more!

The First Steps of a Custom Experience

Just like the first steps into a coffee, with your order being made and all you have to do is swipe your card, relationships are the true currency in the realm of B2B. Crafting meaningful connections is the cornerstone of success, and nothing achieves this like a personalized approach. Imagine giving retailers a window into their purchasing history, updating them on order progress in real-time, and sending notes tailored to their journey. This goes beyond transactions – it's about forging a bond that lasts.

With RepSpark's platform, you become more than a supplier; you become a dedicated partner. Seamlessly manage sales, communicate with clients, and harness the power of insightful analytics to provide strategic direction. From efficient inventory management to on-time delivery information, our tools ensure a smooth process. Elevate your relationship game, making every interaction a testament to your commitment to their growth.

Give Retailer’s Access to the Right Information

Graphic of RepSparks Customer Dashboard

How does the barista remember my order every single time? On their little iPad, there is a plethora of customer information, from loyalty program data to order history, payment details, personalized preferences, and contact information. Just like a barista’s mighty iPad, experience the convenience of handling orders from a unified platform, ensuring seamless coordination for on-time delivery and top-notch customer service. Empowering retailers with accurate information enables them to make the most informed decisions, driving success and growth.

Gain access to a range of data-driven insights that offer strategic direction for sales and merchandising. With RepSpark, transform data into actionable intelligence, fueling growth and efficiency across all of your operations.

Better Manage Your Sales Force

Everything you need is in one centralized platform. Seamlessly communicate with your customers, take charge of your sales team effortlessly, and apply the power of advanced analytics and reports to make informed decisions. Simplify every aspect of your sales journey, empowering your business for success with RepSpark's Sales Management.

Digital Catalog & Line Sheets

Graphic of RepSpark Digital Catalog: Beach Vibe Catalog.In this fast-paced era, retailers seek more control than ever, and that's exactly what they'll get. With all of the reports, data, and sales management information at your fingertips, the next step to a customer experience is with RepSpark's Digital Catalogs and Line Sheets. 

Just like the barista recommending new seasonal flavors based on your order history, curating product selections to align perfectly with your retailer's unique vision, creating assortments that radiate their brand's essence, and taking charge of pricing structures that set them apart from the competition. But it doesn't stop there – put the creative tools right in their hands by allowing them to customize marketing materials, making every aspect of their partnership a true B2B collaboration. It's time to transform retailers into active collaborators, and RepSpark's Digital Catalogs and Line Sheets will enhance efficiency, strengthen partnerships, and elevate custom experiences with your retailers.

Virtual Showrooms 

Virtual Showroom-Dynamic Videos-TacticalSo you are running late to work, and instead of ordering at the coffee shop, you place your order online and have access to a tasty visual display of your favorite morning pick-me-ups. Similar to online ordering, Virtual Showrooms offers an array of dynamic videos that seamlessly blend brand creativity, showroom line walkthroughs, technical product insights, and influencer clips. Allow retailers to have a front-row seat to your latest fashion show, all while empowering retailers to engage with each showcased product instantly. 

And just like your tastebuds tingling from seeing the video of the butter pecan cinnamon bun on the coffee shops’ website, virtual showrooms allow your products to come to life and connect directly to a virtual shopping journey for your retailers, allowing you to virtually engage with products, place orders directly from videos, leave digital markups with notes and ratings, and curate personalized favorites lists. With RepSpark's Virtual Showrooms, transform your brand story into an interactive masterpiece, turning every viewing into an immersive and shoppable experience.


Graphic of RepSpark's Event Microsite- Product Packages.It's all about creating a custom experience that reflects your event's unique style and with RepSpark’s Microsites, you can reclaim valuable time that would have been spent on chasing and organizing prizes and special orders, allowing you to focus on making your event truly unforgettable. “Technology is designed to rise the tide and lift the boat filled with your employees and staff,” and that is exactly what Microsites are designed to do!

Microsites enable you to deliver a tailored and custom experience to your attendees, igniting excitement by providing a seamless way to order event-specific gear and apparel. Impress your guests with a custom-curated assortment of products, and take it a step further by offering personalized logo embroidery options, adding a unique touch to your event. The capabilities don’t stop there; they streamline backend office tasks by eliminating the need for dual order entries and individual order management for each shopper or player.

Looking for ways to incorporate microsites into your strategy? Test new markets with Microsites designed to experiment with specific regions or demographics or collaborate with influencers to create buzz around your brand and drive their followers to purchase a special assortment on your Microsite. Optimize your workflow to give you the freedom to invest more energy into creating an exceptional event that leaves a lasting impact.

In B2B marketing, personalization can enhance user engagement by 20%, and as McKinsey highlights, consumers now expect personalized interactions, with frustration arising when this expectation isn't met. What is the one thing that makes you a frequent flyer at your coffee shop? The personalization and experience.

RepSpark is your partner in delivering custom experiences that resonate with both retailers and consumers alike, from Microsites and Digital Catalogs to Virtual Showrooms and more. With RepSpark, every interaction becomes a testament to your commitment to building custom experiences and fostering lasting connections. Schedule a demo with our team and discover how our innovative solutions can revolutionize your business.

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