How Greg Norman Adapted To Digital Selling During Covid



Sales Reps


Main Challenges


Evaluated Solutions

before selecting RepSpark

Challenges prior to RepSpark

  1. As the VP of Sales for Greg Norman, Susan Shade leads a team of 30 sales reps. It was her responsibility to empower her team to sell digitally and protect the company’s revenue.

  2. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and digital selling became the norm, Susan questioned how she could lead her team to hit the ground running with the right tools. 

  3. Once they landed on RepSpark, she was also faced with the challenge of becoming efficient in the tool, as well as an expert for their buyers.

“To support my team in the transition to digital selling...I had to be the number one advocate, and that is definitely the key. I had to be the one that was first and foremost saying ‘here's how you do it."

Using RepSpark's B2B Digital Selling platform

She understands the tool herself so she could equip her team. This allowed her to educate her sales reps and the marketing team so that they could provide the proper assets. 


Empowering her team with RepSparks toolset

  • Plan she implemented to empower her team:
    Taught herself or reached out to RepSpark for continuous education on the tools.
  • Created pre-set templates for her team to use quickly .Educated the marketing team so they could the right assets.
  • Utilized reps who are efficient in digital selling to teach other reps

Powerful Digital Selling Tools

With the increase in booking volume happening right now, the inventory availability is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before . It is extremely important to be able to create quick snap shots when working with customers on event, staff and shop orders to be able to capitalize on the high demand levels.